Must-know Information About Hiring Building Construction Contractor in California

Title 24, a Golden State legislation implemented by the state since 1978 and designed to improve energy efficiency in residential and non-residential structures, is a must-know law among property owners.  This is because it requires property owners and/or builders to comply with strict energy efficiency standards on new construction of buildings as well as on alterations and additions on existing structures.

Thus, the importance of hiring a reliable, reputable and knowledgeable building construction contractor cannot be overemphasized in light of Title 24.  Here then are the things that you must know when hiring said professional.

First, get 3-5 bids for the planned construction or remodeling work.  You will then be able to compare the cost estimates and time period for the project between these building contractors.  Your chances of hiring the best building contractor can increase with the number of choices on hand.

But always remember that cheapest and fastest are not always the best choices.  Your best choice is a balance between reasonable costs on materials and labor on one hand and satisfactory to very satisfactory results.

Just be sure to compare the bids on a more or less equal basis such that your needs and wants in the project can be addressed by the building contractor.

Second, check out each of the building contractor’s credentials.  You can do the following steps:

•      Check out the business reputation at the Better Business Bureau website.  Does the building contractor have reviews, complaints, and issues reported by customers?  Do these reviews reflect positively or negatively on the business?

•      Ask for client references from the building contractor.  Call these clients, if possible, and ask them about their work-related experiences with said professional just so you have an idea of what to expect.

•      Verify the licenses and permits, among other state-mandated business documents, of the building contractor.  Keep in mind that California requires its contractors to secure the appropriate licenses for the type of work that they provide for consumers.  Check the California State License Board and local government agencies about this matter instead of relying on the building contractor’s representation about his license and permit to operate.

•      Look at the worker’s compensation insurance aspect for each building contractor, too.  You want to avoid being held liable for injuries and illnesses on your property where the building contractor and his employees are concerned.

Of course, you must always review the contract before signing on its dotted line.

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