Moving Forward With a Disapproved Building Code Application

Keep in mind that builders and owners are unqualified to push through with new construction for planned structures as well as carry out alterations and additions to existing buildings without the approved building codes.  These building codes are proof that, indeed, you have complied with the stringent standards prescribed in the California Building Code including Title 24.

But what happens when you have been disapproved for the building codes?  Don’t despair since you have many options to secure approval during your next application.

Your application may have been disapproved on the following grounds. You can discuss it with professionals, say, NRG Compliance to determine which of these possible reasons apply in your case and what steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

Inadequate details on the structure as reflected on the building plans

Keep in mind that the commission requires complete information about the project – its post mile actual location, its landmarks, and its actual address, for example.  The commission staff may also find it difficult to make sense of the building plan because of insufficient details on the components, such as its HVAC, accessibility, and energy requirements.

The solution:  Submit complete and comprehensive building plans that have been thoroughly reviewed by the architect, engineer, and contractor.

Zoning and land use issues

California has strict zoning rules and regulations that violations thereof can likely result in disapproval of the application for building codes.

The solution:  Ensure that the land wherein the structure will be built on matches the use for the building in the first place.

When you have analyzed the possible reasons for the disapproval, you can planning your next move.  Your options are either of the two:

Resubmit another form

If your first application was disapproved for acceptable reasons, then your best move is to resubmit a second (i.e., improved) application. Before doing so, however, be sure to thoroughly discuss the building plans and zoning laws applicable to your project with the professionals, such as a local building code official or a licensed contractor.

File for an appeal

If your application was disapproved on unacceptable terms – at least, from the perspective of collective professional opinion – then your best course of action is to file an appeal.  Submit your written appeal to the board of appeals within 10 days after the disapproval was issued.

Whatever you do, just keep moving forward with your application!

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