California Title 24 Energy Benefits

Its name may be too generic where legislation is concerned but its effect on society is too positive to be ignored. Such as the California Title 24, the building code implemented as part of the California Code of Regulations since 1978 and as a precautionary measure against oil dependency after the 1970s oil crisis. 

Strict compliance with Title 24 rules and regulations is a must for property owners, contractors, and builders of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the Golden State.  Proof of compliance comes in many forms of which the Title 24 energy report provided by NRG Compliance is the most notable among the bunch.

Fortunately, the stringent standards coupled with the strict compliance of these standards have resulted in positive environment and energy use impact in California.  Consider it:  According to the Department of Energy in 2011, the Golden State saved an estimated $43 billion worth of energy since the implementation of Title 24, the equivalent of the Lone Star State’s energy requirement for a year.

The bottom line: Everybody benefits from the strict implementation of the stringent standards of Title 24!  Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Property owners of residential and non-residential structures

Property owners benefit from the energy efficiency standards required for new construction as well as alterations and additions to existing structures.  With more energy-efficient construction materials and methods, you can enjoy lower utility bills on your electricity, water, and gas as well as lower carbon footprints.

Plus, compliance with Title 24 standards can aid in selling your property.  Your prospective buyers will consider the Title 24 energy report in their decision to buy your property – after all, they also want to enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient home!

State of California

The State of California and, thus, the Californians benefit from Title 24 implementation in many ways.  First, the state can reduce the necessity for building new power plants, which means lesser building expenses, maintenance costs, and environmental impact.  It must be noted that California is one of the least dependent state when it comes to imported electricity; approximately 70% of its power requirements are supplied by its own power stations.

Second, the state can comply with its mandate of providing Californians with a clean atmosphere, clean surroundings, and clean waste program, among other aspects of public health, safety, and welfare.

Indeed, everybody in the present and future generations can benefit from Title 24 implementation.  It’s your duty, too, so start learning more about it.

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